Ethernet/IP Maintenance and Troubleshooting Course (2 days)


Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Industrial Ethernet
  • OSI 7-layer model
  • CIP
  • Objects, Attributes, Instances
  • Ethernet Protocols
  • Hub, switches, routers, and firewalls
  • Basic Network design
  • Physical layer and installation
  • Setting up an Ethernet/IP project
  • Diagnostic model
  • Fault finding strategies
  • Measurement tools

Hands-on Exercises:

  • IP addresses and ping
  • Wiring lab
  • Setting up a switch
  • Configuring an Ethernet/IP network
  • Diagnostics lab
  • Using Wireshark and other troubleshooting tools

Class Day Information:

  • Attendees will receive all course notes, and a certificate. 
  • Attendees will receive a copy of Ethernet/IP – The Everyman’s Guide to Ethernet/IP by John S. Rinaldi and Jamie Wendorf.
  • Class size is limited to a maximum of 8 people for the in-person version to ensure maximum exposure to the training equipment. The class size is limited to a maximum of 4 people for the instructor-led online version. 

Training Equipment:

  • IO-Scanner is Codesys software running on a Raspberry PI. This is using IEC 61131-3 standard programming which makes it perfect for teaching general concepts without getting confused with proprietary software
  • IO-Adaptor include Helmholz TB-20 IO rack, and a Molex gateway
  • Permanent monitoring system is Atlas by PROCENTEC
  • Protocol Analyzer is Wireshark
  • Ethernet cable tester

Cost and Registration:

This course is $1,995 CAD per person for the in-person version of this course and $1,895 CAD for the instructor-led online version.

December 2,3, 2020 – instructor-led online

March 23,24, 2021 – instructor-led online

To register, please email us at:

James Powell, P.Eng.


Your instructor for this course is James Powell, P.Eng., author of ‘HART – a practical guide’ and co-author of ‘Catching the process Fieldbus – An introduction to PROFIBUS and PROFINET’ (published by PROFIBUS and PROFINET International). James has over 20 years of experience with HART and PROFIBUS and over 25 years with Industrial Ethernet and has presented technical training in China, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, USA, Canada, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. He is a certified PROFIBUS DP, PA, PROFINET network engineer and PROFIBUS System Design Engineer. 

Having problems with your Ethernet/IP network? Then this is the training class for you. Learn the skills you need to find and isolate problems fast. At the end of the training, you will be able to maintain, strategically isolate, analyze and solve problems in Ethernet/IP installations. During the class, you will learn and practice how to use the latest Ethernet/IP Troubleshooting tools including Wireshark, and the permanent network monitor Atlas.

The course is designed for those who install and maintain Ethernet/IP installations. The class provides a mixture of theory and hands-on experience to give you the skill set you need, and the ability to put it into practice immediately. Attendees will learn how to analyze, localize and solve Ethernet/IP problems. The theory covered includes details about cabling, shielding, and grounding. The practical hands-on examples show you how to use various tools to find and fix your problems fast.

Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to:

  • Add devices to an existing Ethernet/IP network
  • Install and set up an Ethernet/IP network
  • Understand how the network works generally
  • Troubleshoot common and uncommon problems
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