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JCOM Automation is your Industrial Communications training, field service and solutions partner in Canada. We are experts with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus, HART and EMC awareness. We are a distributor for Helmholz, Thorsis Technologies, 4next and Anybus Diagnostics (formerly PROCENTEC).

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PROFIBUS Certified

We are  a Certified PROFIBUS PROFINET International Training Center (PITC) and a PROFIBUS PROFINET International Competence Center (PICC) for both PROFIBUS and PROFINET. The PROFIBUS PROFINET International certification guarantees a high standard for teaching and trust in us as a center of excellence for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. We are the only certified training center and competence center in Canada.

JCOM's distribution

Our Technologies

We have the pleasure of representing four very innovative companies; Helmholz, Anybus Diagnostics (formally PROCENTEC), 4next and Thorsis Technologies. These companies make products centred around Industrial networking and general automation equipment.

JCOM Automation provides:

  • Industrial communications training courses
  • Network design consultancy
  • General network troubleshooting
  • PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP diagnostic equipment
  • PROFIBUS diagnostic equipment
  • PROFIBUS repeaters
  • PROFINET switches
  • Ethernet switches
  • Gateways
  • Connectors
  • Remote maintenance products
  • Distributed I/O systems for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CAN Open, Ethernet IP, Modbus, DeviceNet and EtherCAT


JCOM Automation Inc. lastest news releases

May 2023

JCOM Automation Inc. is now a distributor for 4next who make Modbus products (dataloggers, gateways/bridges, IO). Check out their products on our Modbus page. page.ca/Modbus.

June 2021

JCOM Automation Inc. can now do all of our Certified courses online. Please see the training page for more details.

February 2021

JCOM Automation Inc. released ‘Modbus Troubleshooting and Maintenance course.’ See the training page for more details.

Modbus Training

September 2019

JCOM Automation Inc. becomes the Canadian distributor for Thorsis Technologies.

February 2019

JCOM Automation Inc. holds their first certified PROFINET Network Engineering class in Canada. 

June 2021

JCOM Automation Inc. released ‘EMC Awareness for Industrial Automation’. Please see the training page for more details.

EMC Awareness Training

February 2020

James Powell of JCOM Automation Inc. released ‘HART Communication Protocol – A Practical Guide’ on Amazon. See Product/Books for more details.

June 2019

JCOM Automation Inc. becames one of 6 certified PROFINET compentence centers to be certified for PROFINET for Process Automation!

December 2018

JCOM Automation becames a certified PROFINET training and competence center. 

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JCOM Automation Inc. produces a newsletter a few times a year updating our customers on upcoming training opportunities, interesting applications and new products. Please sign up here, and you can download a free copy of ‘Catching the Process Fieldbus – An Introduction to PROFIBUS and PROFINET,’ as our thank you.

The book is co-authored by our principal engineer and owner, James Powell. 

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JCOM Automation Inc. offer great hands-on training. We can offer specialized training for your company on; PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus, and HART. For a quote on a specialized course, please contact us directly.

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