JCOM Automation Inc. offers the full line of Modbus dataloggers from 4Next Technologies.

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4Next Dataloggers

These easy-to-use dataloggers let you monitor up to 384 variables using Modbus RTU Master on RS-485 or Modbus TCP Master. Configuration is done through an intuitive web interface and all data is stored on an SD RAM drive. These logs can then be downloaded via MQTT, FTP, or OPC UA depending on the model. There is also a model that has a built-in 4G modem for remote access.

Please contact JCOM Automation Inc. to discuss what model would be right for your application and for a quote.

Modbus MQTT datalogger

4Next EasyLogXL is a datalogger that allows interfacing with all ModBus RTU and TCP devices without any programming. It sends data remotely via FTP, MQTT and HTTP REST protocol.

EasyLogXL is remarkably simple and very powerful. The integrated web server allows fast and intuitive configuration and display of all variables, programming, data storage and sending to the Cloud. The data sampled by the ModBus MQTT HTTP REST datalogger is stored on a micro SD card. Saved files are sent to a Cloud server via MQTT, HTTP REST and FTP protocols.

Each ModBus slave, once configured, can be stored in device libraries for eventual reuse, saving considerable time for subsequent configuration and installation.

Order code: 4Next EasyLog XL

Modbus GSM datalogger

EasyNET GSM is a data logger that has all EasyLog software functions, to which it adds the possibility of sending data independently thanks to the integrated GSM modem (2G – 4G).

The purpose of this device is to record in real time and to analyse the data. Using the 2G – 4G modem or the Ethernet connection, EasyNET sends data to users (via e-Mail and FTP) or to remote servers for management via the WEB portal.

The WEB configuration interface of this device allows you to have a quick access to all system parameters, to ModBus registers and to variables to be stored.

Order code: 4Next EasyNetGSM

Modbus RTU TCP datalogger

4Next EasyLogXL-A is a ModBus RTU TCP datalogger that allows reading data from ModBus RTU and TCP devices, it is easy to use and install. It can send data remotely via FTP and MQTT protocol.

The novelty of this device is its remarkable simplicity and ease of use. In fact, EasyLogXL-A ModBus RTU TCP datalogger is configured via a web interface from which it is possible to set all the parameters relating to communication, sampling times and the method of sending data remotely.

This ModBus datalogger stores data on an SD card. Stored data can be sent remotely via FTP protocol or directly to the Cloud via MQTT protocol. The WEB configuration interface allows quick access to all system parameters, ModBus registers and variables to be stored.

Order code: 4Next EasyLogXL-A

PROFIBUS Troubleshooting and Maintenance Course

We offer training courses

JCOM Automation Inc. offers high-quality, hands-on training. Our courses have a lot of labs, and we have all the latest equipment, including state of the art diagnostic equipment. We offer training on; PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and  HART. For a quote on a course, please contact us directly.

We are a certified training center for PROFIBUS PROFINET International for both PROFIBUS and PROFINET, which guarantees high-quality training.

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