In March 2009, James Powell, Principal Engineer and owner of JCOM Automation Inc., along with Dr. Henry Vandelinde, of Siemens, released an introductory-level book on PROFIBUS called ‘Catching the Process Fieldbus’. This book has been translated into German, Spanish and Chinese. In 2015, they released the 2nd edition of this book to include PROFINET. The pdf version of this book is available for free download after subscribing to our mailing list, see below.

In 2019, James started writing a second book called ‘HART – A practical guide’. This book was released in January of 2020 on Amazon. This is a practical guide on how to design, install and use HART for process automation. James’ aim was to show how to have a successful HART project. It is available in English in either a Kindle or paperback version.


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