JCOM Automation Inc. offers the full line of HART products from Thorsis Technologies:

    • HART USB Modem
    • Ethernet (PROFINET, Modbus TCP, or HART-IP) to HART Gateways
    • HART-IP Gateway

Please contact us and we can help you select the best HART device for your application and provide a quote.

HART Modems

isHRT USB modem

Thorsis Technologies has taken the HART modem to the next level. The modems are supported by HFC OPC Server (HART Communication Foundation), Simatic PDM (all versions), and FDT frame applications such as PACTware and Fieldcare.

The software interface is brilliant and will work with most software packages on the market such as PACTware and SIMATIC PDM. It has full DTM support which is free of charge and ships with the modem.

Order codes:

Thorsis isHRT USB: 14300-0102, for general purpose applications

Thorsis isHRT USBeX: 14300-0201, for Ex applications

H@RT BluePack

The H@rt BluePack is a versatile interface which supports wireless (Bluetooth) and wired (USB) access to a HART network. In addition to its modem capabilities the H@rt BluePack runs an embedded HART master stack.

The interface can be powered via the USB connection or 3 replaceable AAA cells. If operating in battery mode, it can be powered down by an on/off-button. To increase the lifespan of the batteries the device switches to sleep mode if no Bluetooth communication takes places. The activity on the HART network is indicated by an LED at the front of the interface

Order code:  Thorsis H@RTBluePack: 14300-2002

Ethernet (PROFINET, Modbus TCP, or HART-IP) to HART gateway

isNet Lite Headstation

The isNet Lite is an Ethernet gateway. It supports the PROFINET, MODBUS TCP and HART over IP protocols. Depending on the application the isNet Lite is always used together with one or more fieldbus modules, where the isNet Lite is always the head module. Up to five different fieldbus modules can be connected to the isNet Lite.         

You need a driver in the isNet Lite. It comes with HART over IP which will allow you to connect to HART instruments using any FDT or anything that has the HART IP server built in like SIMATIC PDM. In addition, you can add a license for either PROFINET or Modbus TCP by purchasing them.

Order code:  Thorsis isNet Lite: 19300-0101

isNet H@RT8 + AI module

The isNet H@RT8 + AI is a HART analog input module. It provides a 24V voltage source for connected HART field devices and it can measure the 4..20mA loop current for every HART slave. The module provides the process data to the isNet Lite Ethernet head module and to the higher level Ethernet fieldbusses like PROFINET or Modbus-TCP for further processing.

Different from the isNet H@rt8 Modules, every HART field device will be connected to the isNet H@rt8+AI by just 2 wires, which helps to keep the cabling simple.

Order code:  Thorsis isNet H@RT8 +AI: 19300-0702

isNet H@RT4 / isNet H@RT8 module

The isNet H@rt modules are equipped with either four (single width) or eight (double width) channels. Up to five HART modules can be connected to the main module, so a maximum of 40 HART channels can be operated in parallel.

Order codes:

Thorsis isNet H@RT4: 19300-0601 or

Thorsis isNet H@RT8: 19300-0701




HART-IP gateway

isHMuxGate gateway

This Gateway takes an RS-485 signal from a HART Multiplexer and converts it into HART-IP.  This will work with anything that supports a DTM or the HART server (such as SIMATIC PDM). This is a way of modernizing these old devices. It has been tested with the following mulitplers:

    • Hport, Arcom Control Systems
    • MTL4841 Multiplexer, Measurement Technology
    • MTL4850 Multiplexer, Measurement Technology
    • KFD2-HMM-16, Pepperl Fuchs
    • MUX2700-G, Pepperl Fuchs
    • IS pac 9192 16 ch, Stahl
    • GMI 5700 HART Mux

Order code:  Thorsis isHMuxGate:  14400-0101

PROFIBUS Troubleshooting and Maintenance Course

We offer training courses

JCOM Automation Inc. offers high-quality, hands-on training. Our courses have a lot of labs, and we have all the latest equipment, including state of the art diagnostic equipment. We offer training on; PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and  HART. For a quote on a course, please contact us directly.

We are a certified training center for PROFIBUS PROFINET International for both PROFIBUS and PROFINET, which guarantees high-quality training.

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