Certified PROFIBUS Network Engineer


Become an elite Certified PROFIBUS DP/PA Network Engineer. Learn the skills to design, install, commission, and troubleshoot both PROFIBUS DP and PA networks. This course illustrates practical installation issues, goes right down to the protocol/packet level, and includes detailed information on the bus parameters.

This course meets and exceeds all the requirements of PI’s Certified PROFIBUS DP/PA Network Engineers course and the certified PROFIBUS Installers course. The course ends with a written and practical test. Successful students will be certified by PROFIBUS and PROFINET International as a Certified PROFIBUS Installer and a Certified PROFIBUS Network Engineer.

Course content:

  • Introduction to PROFIBUS
  • Overview of PROFIBUS Components
    • Basic definitions
    • Different physical layers
  • PROFIBUS Design
    • Basics of DP/PA design
  • PROFIBUS Advanced design
    • What else to consider
    • Proxy, gateways, and repeaters
  • Installation best practice
    • How to approach the installation
    • Grounding and wiring
    • Installation best practice
  • Setting up a PROFIBUS Master
    • Setting up master
    • Difference between masters
  • Setting up a PA device
    • Profile standard
    • Overview of configuration software
  • PROFIBUS Theory
    • OSI 7-layer model
    • Startup cycle
    • Command structure
    • Bus parameters
  • Applying the theory
  • PROFIBUS Device Diagnostics
    • Diagnostics via cyclic/acyclic
    • Recommended procedures
  • Troubleshooting common problems

Hands-on exercises:

  • Wiring
  • Network design lab
  • Setting up a master
  • Setting up an instrument
  • What a good network looks like
  • What common errors look like on DP
  • What common errors look like on PA
  • Startup sequence
  • Device Diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, it is highly recommended that the student has been introduced to PROFIBUS before.

Class Day Information:

  • Attendees must bring a laptop or tablet which can read a USB drive.
  • Attendees will receive a support USB drive with an electronic version of the materials plus key PI documents.
  • PROFIBUS Certification upon successful completion of the examination.
  • Attendees will also receive a copy of ‘Catching the process fieldbus – An introduction to PROFIBUS and PROFINET’ co-written by the instructor James Powell
  • Class size is limited to a maximum of 8 people  (2 students per training rack).

Course duration:

This course is delivered over five days. Each day requires 7.5 hours of instruction which includes two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch break.

Cost and Registration:

This course is $4,050 CDN per person. For pricing in other currencies please contact us.

Click here to see the latest training schedule or contact us to arrange a training date.

This course can be delivered in person, on-site, or online.

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To register for this course or for other inquiries please email us at:  admin@jcomautomation.ca

James Powell, P.Eng.


James Powell, P.Eng., is the principal engineer and owner of JCOM Automation Inc. He has written many articles and two books: HART Communication Protocol – a practical guide, and Catching the process fieldbus – An introduction to PROFIBUS and PROFINET. James is a certified PROFIBUS DP, PA, and PROFINET network engineer, PROFIBUS System Design Engineer and has over 20 years of experience with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus, and HART installations.

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