Certified PROFINET Network Engineer (CPNE) with PA module (CPNE-PA) and PROFINET installer (CPNI)


How do I design a PROFINET network? How does it work?  How do I install it? How do I configure it? How would I troubleshoot it? If you are asking yourself these questions, then this course is for you!

This is an intense and detailed course on how to design, install, commission, and troubleshoot a PROFINET network. Besides discussing practical installation issues, it also gets right down to the protocol/packet level and includes detailed information on the bus parameters. You will also learn how to minimize the impact of EMC on the network and get hands-on experience with the latest PROFINET troubleshooting tools including; Wireshark, and the permanent network monitor Atlas.

This course meets all the requirements of the Certified PROFINET Network Engineer course including the Certified PROFINET Engineer Network Process Automation module, and the Certified PROFINET Installers course

Course content:

  • Introduction to Industrial Ethernet
  • OSI 7-layer model
  • Ethernet Protocols
  • Hub, switches, routers and firewalls
  • Redundancy
  • Network design
  • Security
  • Physical layer and installation
  • Device model and Profiles
  • Setting up a PROFINET project
  • APL
  • Device integration via FDI
  • Hazardous areas
  • OPC UA
  • IO-Link
  • PROFINET Theory
  • Acyclic communications
  • Diagnostic model
  • Fault finding strategies
  • Measurement tools (Wireshark)

Hands-on Exercises:

  • Wiring lab
  • Design lab
  • Setting up a switch
  • Configuring a PROFINET network
  • Setting up APL devices
  • Device integration using both PACTware and SIMATIC PDM
  • Diagnostics lab
  • Using Wireshark and other troubleshooting tools

Training Equipment:

  • IO-Controller (Codesys software running on a Raspberry PI)
  • IO-Devices include; Helmholz TB-20 IO rack, Wago IO rack, Turck TBEN IO rack, Helmholz 8 port managed switch, Pepperl+Fuchs APL switch with PA Proxy, E&H Temperature transmitters (APL, PA, HART), Thorsis isNet PROFINET to HART Proxy
  • Anybus Diagnostic’s Atlas permanent monitoring system
  • Anybus Diagnostic’s EtherTap
  • Wireshark Protocol Analyzer
  • Ethernet cable tester

Demo Equipment:

  • IO-Controller (Codesys software running on a Raspberry PI)
  • Indu-sol PROmash B8 switch for MPR ring
  • Indu-sol PROFNET-INspektor network monitor
  • Turck TBEN IO-Link master

Class Day Information:

  • Attendees must bring a laptop or tablet which can read a USB drive.
  • Attendees will receive a support USB drive with an electronic version of the materials plus key PI documents.
  • Students will receive a certificate of attendance and 37.5 verifiable professional development hours
  • Certificates as a Certified PROFINET Engineer (CPNE), Certified PROFINET Engineer Process Automation Module (CPNE-PA) and Certified PROFINET Installer (CPNI). The certificates are given only if the student passes the in-class written and practical test.
  • Attendees will receive a digital copy of ‘Catching the process fieldbus – An introduction to PROFIBUS and PROFINET’ co-written by the instructor James Powell
  • Class size is limited to a maximum of 8 people to ensure maximum exposure to the training equipment

Course duration:

This course is delivered over five days. Each day requires 7.5 hours of instruction which includes two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch break.

Cost and Registration:

This course is $4,050 CDN per person. For pricing in other currencies please contact us.

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This course can be delivered in person, on-site, or online.

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To register for this course or for other inquiries please email us at:  admin@jcomautomation.ca

James Powell, P.Eng.


Your instructor for this course is James Powell, P.Eng., author of ‘HART – a practical guide’ and co-author of ‘Catching the process Fieldbus – An introduction to PROFIBUS and PROFINET’ (published by PROFIBUS and PROFINET International). James has over 20 years of experience with HART and PROFIBUS and over 25 years with Industrial Ethernet and has presented technical training in China, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, USA, Canada, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. He is a certified PROFIBUS DP, PA, PROFINET network engineer and PROFIBUS System Design Engineer.

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