Traffic jams on the PROFINET

Introduction: When PROFINET was first released, almost all the nodes communicated at 100 Mbps. You had the odd device that communicated at 10 Mbps, but that was non-PROFINET and was not a big deal. In the last few years, things have changed. We now have 1,000 Mbps...

Modbus is DEAD! Long live Modbus!

Modbus is the Grand-daddy of industrial protocols. It has been around since the mid-70s. One would think it had gone the way of the Eight-track tape by now. I have heard, 'Oh Modbus, it is dead - isn't it?' Well, No, it is not. As I have travelled around doing field...


There has been a lot of talk about ChatGPT. My colleague Cambel Lai has been playing with it, and it is certainly impressive technology. However, as others have noted, it should be used cautiously. This is especially true when applied to industrial communications. We...

The HP-25 Cable tester to the Rescue!

My PROFIBUS troubleshooting tool of choice is ProfiTrace by PROCENTEC – an excellent tool. In my toolbox, I also have a cable tester called the HP-25 by HI-PORT CONTROLS in the UK. If I am working on a new segment, I will take it out and use it. However, up until now,...

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